Maureen Moriarty, Ph.D

Senior Associate, Land and Human Security

[email protected]


Maureen Moriarty-Lempke, PhD has 25 years of experience in international development and currently serves as a Lecturing Fellow at Duke University’s Center for International Development and the Duke/UNC Rotary Peace Program, and Senior Associate in Land and Security at CDA Collaborative Learning in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Her specializations include land and resource governance and conflict sensitivity. As practitioner she has worked in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Haiti, Liberia, Mozambique, Thailand, Myanmar, Kosovo, Tanzania, Somalia, Burundi, Kenya and more. Maureen’s recent research and practice focuses on corruption at the intersection of land, human security, transnational organized crime, resource governance, and associated financial crimes. She is the co-author of a JTIP funded 2 year study in Mozambique examining the links between high level corruption, illicit forest activity, and vulnerability to forced labor and human trafficking

She is a US delegate to the European Forum on Urban Security Working Group on the Roots and Impacts of Transnational Organized Crime, holds a certificate in AML/CFT, and is currently pursuing a CAMS Certification (Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist) with specializations in Anti-Corruption, Bribery, and Investigations.

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