Maureen Moriarty-Lempke, Ph.D

Senior Associate, Land and Human Security

[email protected]


Maureen Moriarty-Lempke Ph.D has 20 years of experience in international development and specializes in land tenure and property rights issues in conflict-affected areas including Afghanistan, Liberia, Haiti, Sri Lanka, Colombia, and Somalia. She has worked with the World Bank, the UN, USAID, and smaller mission driven organizations. Maureen currently serves as Senior Fellow at Duke Center for International Development and Adjunct Professor of Practice at Sanford School of Public Policy teaching courses related to land, conflict, and human security. She is currently a Land and Forest Sector Advisor developing a methodology and technical approach to documenting the role of licit and illicit forest sector activities on land tenure and labor and how illegal timber trade may intersect with terrorist activities; military controlled forest concessions and; cartel controlled land conversion for high value agricultural crops.

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