Diana Campos

Program Coordinator

[email protected]


Diana is a biologist, and peacebuilder specialized in environmental peace, biodiversity conservation, community participation, conflict prevention, conflict transformation, and policy reform. Diana holds a bachelor’s in Biology from the National Agraria La Molina University in Peru and a Master’s in International Development Policy from Duke University in the United States. She is a Rotary Peace Fellow class XIV, passionate about social and environmental justice and equity.

During the last eight years, she promoted citizen participation by creating environmental committees in areas impacted by extractive industries aiming to protect natural resources as part of their basic human rights in Peru and Colombia. Through community capacity building in the monitoring and surveillance of environmental quality, Diana has made positive contributions to the community development and its environment. Her passion for increasing access to good quality water and sanitation services encouraged Diana to work as an intern at Sanitation and Water for All, hosted by Unicef.

Diana facilitates dialogue to improve relationships among stakeholders and prevent and transform socio-environmental conflicts. She has broad experience in biodiversity conservation in her home country, Peru, and international context working on three conservation projects led by the Department of Environment, Water, and Natural Resources of the Government of South Australia (DEWNR).

Diana collaborated on several Sustainable Development projects. She worked as an intern for the Development Planning Unit (UDP) in collaboration with the MSc Environment and Sustainable Development of the University College London (UCL), focused on the research of assessing climate change threats and risks in urban areas of Metropolitan Lima to develop strategies for increasing climate resilience in vulnerable communities.

In 2019, she co-founded the non-governmental organization NUBES EDS, dedicated to implementing educational projects to improve the quality of life of vulnerable communities. The organization focuses on teaching adequate waste management and urban gardening to reduce environmental pollution, assure food security for low-income families, and improve their diet and family economy.

Diana enjoys dancing salsa, hiking, swimming, and exploring new cuisines.


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