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Has Peacebuilding Made a Difference in Kosovo? A Study of the Effectiveness of Peacebuilding in Preventing Violence: Lessons Learned from the March 2004 Riots in Kosovo

June 2006 | Diana Chigas, et al.

Consultation Roundtable on Peacebuilding Cost-Effectiveness: Exploring a Research Agenda

April 2016 | Knudsen-Latta, Ursala, and Sarah McLaughlin, with Jessica Berns, and Peter Woodrow

Peacebuilding Effectiveness Resource

The Role and Effectiveness of Non-governmental Third Parties in Peacebuilding

November, 2013 | Diana Chigas

Meta-Review of Inter-Religious Peacebuilding Program Evaluations

August, 2015 | Jennie Vader

This review seeks to understand what the current trends are in the evaluation of inter-religious peacebuilding programs and to assess the evaluations' quality.

Peacebuilding Networks and Alliances in Kenya

12/2018 | Anita Ernstorfer

Thinking Evaluatively in Peacebuilding Design Implementation and Monitoring

November 2016 | Anita Ernstorfer, Isabella Jean, and Peter Woodrow, with Diana Chigas

Effective Inter-religious Action in Peacebuilding: Global Advisory Council Annual Meeting Report

June 2016 | Alliance for Peacebuilding

The Use of Reflecting on Peace Practice in Peacebuilding Evaluation

May 2011 | Cheyanne Scharbatke Church

This report looks at how Reflecting on Peace Practice (RPP) tools and concepts are used in peacebuilding evaluation.

Wicked Problems: Peacebuilding Evaluation Ethics, Determining What is Good and Right

August 2016 | Reina C. Neufeldt

The Online Field Guide to Peacebuilding Evaluation

November 2015 | The Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium