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Total E&P Austral Argentina Field Visit – Spanish Translation

June 2015 | Dost Bardouille, Sarah Cechvala, and Cecilia Milesi

Business for Peace: Understanding and Assessing Corporate Contributions to Peace

September 2014 | Dost Bardouille, Chloe Jaleel, Sarah Cechvala, and Anita Ernstorfer

humanitarian effectiveness

Leaving No One Behind: Humanitarian Effectiveness in the Age of the Sustainable Development Goals

December 2015 | United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)


The best fertilizer of the land is the footprints of its leaders: UTPI Case Study

September 2016 | Sarah Cechvala and Mia Corpus

Humanitarian Effectiveness Field Visit Report: DRC, September – October 2014 Visit

May 2016 | Sarah Cechvala, and Frederic Tutu Kama-Kama

Accountability and Feedback Loops Resource

Humanitarian Effectiveness and the Role of the Diaspora: A CDA Literature Review

May 2016 | Andrew Bostrom, Dayna Brown, and Sarah Cechvala

Accountability and Feedback Loops Resource

“Accountability is a mirror that shows not only your face, but also your back.” World Vision Ethiopia‚Äôs Accountability Learning Initiative

March 2016 | Sarah Cechvala, and Isabella Jean

“For them, with them.” Building Accountability Systems in Post-Earthquake Nepal

January 2016 | Sarah Cechvala

“Accountability starts with me.” Opening Inclusive Feedback Channels in Pakistan

December 2015 | Sarah Cechvala

Humanitarian Effectiveness Field Visit Report: Myanmar, February 2014 Visit

November 2015 | Sarah Cechvala, Dayna Brown, and Nicole Goddard


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