We are Here: IFRC’s Experiences with Communication and Feedback Channels for Affected Populations in Haiti

September 2014 | Isabella Jean, with Francesca Bonino

This case study outlines the IFRC’s work in Haiti following the 2010 Earthquake. A distinctive feature in their approach is the use of technology to enhance and expand communication and feedback loops.  It primarily focuses on two-way communication and feedback processes in IFRC’s Return and Relocation Programme, which supports people displaced by the Earthquake to move out from the crowded camps and informal settlements into safe housing.

This resource is part of a larger ALNAP and CDA research project on the effectiveness of feedback mechanisms for affected populations in humanitarian contexts.


Suggested Citation: Jean, Isabella, with Francesca Bonino. ‘We are Here’: IFRC’s Experiences with Communication and Feedback with Affected Populations in Haiti. London: ODI/ALNAP, 2014.