Total E&P Bolivia Field Visit Report

April 2014 | Dost Bardouille, Ben Miller, and Raul Alcazar

Visit: December 3-16, 2013  Operator: Total E&P Bolivia

The purpose of this trip was to examine and report on the interaction between corporate operations and the lives of people in areas of operations. Specifically, the objective of this visit is to assess the successes and challenges of Total E&P Bolivia (TEPBO) in its relationship with its external stakeholders and communities, including,

1) the nature and quality of TEPBO’s engagement with its local stakeholders in light of the upcoming construction phase of the Incahuasi Project and beginning exploration within the Azero Block, and 2) identify options for TEPBO to build and maintain constructive relationships with its external stakeholders as it operations scale up.


Suggested Citation: Bardouille, Dost, Ben Miller, and Raul Alcazar. “Total E&P Bolivia (TEPBO) Field Visit Report.” Cambridge, MA: CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, 2014.