The Corporate Engagement Program’s Approach to Training

July, 2009 | The Corporate Engagement Project

Responsible Business

During site visits managers have requested trainings for their community liaison officers and management teams. We have designed trainings based on the evidence gathered from the last nine years of field work looking at how the daily, ongoing operations of companies interact with, affect, and are affected by the societies where they operate. Training sessions will provide company staff and management with the tools and skills to ensure that companies have positive, long-term impacts on local communities.

These sessions are highly interactive, using a combination of case studies, role play, small group work and plenary discussions to keep the learning process engaging for participants. The sessions can be structured to last 2-3 days, depending on staff availability. Ideally, prior to trainings we would conduct a 2-3-day assessment in the field to help make the training context specific. Training sessions often provide a “safe” space for staff to speak their mind, as insights emerge during these sessions that need the attention of management. With the permission of participants, we will document these in a Note for Management. If the company is interested in other topics not currently included in our training program, provided we have experience and evidence on the subject, we can work with the company to develop training modules to fit the company’s needs.


Suggested Citation: Corporate Engagement Project. “CEP Approach to Training.” Training Document, Cambridge, MA: CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, 2009.