Responding Amid Uncertainty and Managing Risk in Humanitarian Settings – A Resource Guide

June 2022 | Lindsay Hamsik, Ruth Rhoads Allen, Sharon Reader, Sabina Robillard, Sarah Cechvala, Hasangani Edema

Over the past two years, CDA has partnered with InterAction to identify and understand risk management “traps” that limit organizations’ abilities to meet humanitarian needs and adapt to complex contexts, as well as the strategic changes that can break these traps.

Risk III: From Evidence to Action defines strong risk management and the success factors of flexible and people-centered policy and practice. Risk is inevitable in humanitarian contexts. Risk III is a significant step to equip responsive and quality program delivery in some of the most challenging contexts.

This publication is designed to help you create a strong culture of risk management in your organization. From a Q&A to risk advisor job templates, read on for risk management tips and resources!

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