Reshaping Engagement: Perspectives on Conflict Sensitivity in Rakhine State

May 2016 | Gabrielle Aron

This document was developed as part of the project, “Promoting Conflict Sensitivity Among Multiple Stakeholders in Myanmar”. This project was led by CDA with funding from the United Kingdom Department for International Development, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency through the Peace Support Fund, as well as the Office of Transition Initiatives/United States Agency for International Development. CDA would like to acknowledge the financial support of these donors in carrying out this initiative.

CDA would also like to acknowledge the generosity of the individuals and agencies involved in donating their time, experience and insights, and for their willingness to share their experiences.


Suggested Citation: Aron, Gabrielle (2016). Reshaping engagement: Perspectives on conflict sensitivity in Rakhine state. CDA Collaborative Learning Projects.

How can Rakhine move forward?

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