Reflecting on Peace Practice (RPP) Basics: A Resource Manual

December 2016 | CDA Collaborative Learning Projects

Who Should Use this Resource?

This resource is intended for use by peacebuilding policy makers and practitioners. It is helpful to guide macro-level decision-making on peacebuilding priorities within and across different agencies. It can be used at various levels – to guide the development of new peacebuilding strategies, programs, and projects and to help review existing initiatives.

CDA has also successfully applied RPP tools and approaches for other types of social change programming, as well as for internal strategic planning processes with program teams.

The RPP Basic Resource Manual includes various hints and tips for facilitators, relevant for those seeking practical guidance on how to use the RPP materials in workshop settings, in trainings, working with program teams etc. It also includes practical guidance on how to present the materials, as well as practical examples for workshop settings and work with multi-stakeholder groups.

The resource combines background information with practical how guidance and exercise examples.


Suggested Citation: Reflecting on Peace Practice (RPP) Basics. A Resource Manual. Cambridge, MA: CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, 2016.

The writing of this manual was made possible through funding from UK aid from the UK Government, under a Programme Partnership Arrangement.