The Online Field Guide to Peacebuilding Evaluation

November 2015 | The Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium

The Online Field Guide is a compilation of foundational material relevant to peacebuilding contexts on the design and conduct of evaluation (including manuals, guidelines, tools, etc.), developed by international agencies, academics institutions, and NGOs, as well as briefs and tools on distinctive challenges of peacebuilding evaluation.

The development of the Online Field Guide was led by CDA, a Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium principal partner. It is hosted by DM&E for Peace.

These resources have been vetted by the Principals and Advisory Board members of the Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium, made possible by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. These same members will conduct in-depth reviews of the content on a bi-annual basis to keep the Online Field Guide up to date with emerging resources, and to reflect the feedback of users like you!

Contact [email protected] with questions on how to use the Guide, and suggestions for resources.