Guidance on Responsible Business in Conflict Affected and High Risk Areas – Chinese Version

June 2010 | UN Global Compact, and Principles for Responsible Investment

Practice Areas

Suggested Citation: UN Global Compact, and Principles for Responsible Investment. (2010) “Guidance on Responsible Business in Conflict Affected and High Risk Areas.” In Chinese.


Dost Bardouille contributed to this UN Global Compact guidance document, which was launched at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit in New York City on June 24, 2010. CDA specifically authored the chapters “Local Stakeholder Engagement,” (page 20) and “Strategic Social Investment.” (page 24)

CDA Engagement with Chinese Companies, Experts, and Financial Institutions

In partnership with the America Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and Chinese partner the New Century Academy on Transnational Corporations’ (NATC), CDA has engaged in dialogue with Chinese companies, experts, and financial institutions, and continues to explore field-based opportunities to institute conflict sensitivity within Chinese companies operating in countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar.

CDA acted as a reviewer for NATC’s resource book for Chinese companies, which includes key CDA guidance tools. More recently, with AFSC and NATC, CDA conducted an initial conflict sensitivity assessment of the operations of the Union Development Group in Cambodia.

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