Framework for Collective Impact in Peacebuilding: Revised Version

February 2019 | Peter Woodrow

In 2017, CDA published “Framework for Collective Impact in Peacebuilding,” the result of a three-year partnership with Humanity United. This Framework documented and incorporated the experiences of collective impact efforts and gained key insights about potential multi-stakeholder initiatives to support peacebuilding work. In 2018, the Framework was field-tested in the form of four case studies. After an October consultation, the Framework was revised to reflect the lessons learned from the case studies and to integrate feedback from consultation participants. This Revised Framework is intended to serve as guidance for practitioners and policymakers to facilitate system wide changes through multi-stakeholder initiatives.


Suggested citation: Woodrow, Peter. “Framework for Collective Impact in Peacebuilding.” Version for field application & testing. Cambridge, MA: CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, 2019