Total E&P Nigeria (TEPNG) Field Visit Report

December 2013 | Dost Bardouille, Ben Miller, and Michael Temilade

Visit: September 9-20, 2013

Site: Total E&P Nigeria (TEPNG) site

Operator: Total E&P

The purpose of this trip was to examine and report on the interaction between corporate operations and the lives of people in areas of operations. Specifically, the objective of this visit is to assess the success and challenges of TEPNG in its relationship with its stakeholders and communities, including:

1) assess the nature and quality of TEPNG’s engagement with its local stakeholders in light of the extensive, and on-going community relations and sustainable development programs underway within the affiliate, and

2) the extent to which and opportunities for integrating local communities within the supply chain of the company. The previous CDA report from a visit to Nigeria conducted in 2004 has been used as a baseline to identify the changes that have occurred in the relationship between TEPNG and the communities and identify its evolution.


Suggested Citation: Bardouille, Dost, Ben Miller, and Michael Temilade. “Field Visit Report Total E&P Nigeria (TEPNG).” Cambridge, MA: CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, 2013.