Conflict Sensitivity: Taking it to the Next Level

May 2016 | Kiely Barnard-Webster, Nicole Goddard, and Isabella Jean

Suggested Citation: Barnard-Webster, Kiely, Nicole Goddard, and Isabella Jean. “Monitoring and Evaluation of Conflict Sensitivity: Practical Considerations” in Conflict Sensitivity: Taking it to the Next Level swisspeace working paper, 2/2016 edited by Sabina Handschin, Eric Abitbol, and Rina Alluri: 88-95.



This Working Paper is a Conflict Sensitivity Community Hub (CSC-Hub) initiative. Published by swisspeace, it refl ects the collaborative efforts of multiple organizations and individuals. swisspeace and the Working Paper editors extend thanks to them all for having dedicated time and resources, and for sharing their experience and thoughts: Nicole Goddard, Isabella Jean, Kiely Barnard-Webster – CDA Collaborative Learning Projects; Anette Hoffmann – Clingendael; Mark Segal – UK’s Department for International Development (DFID); Thania Paffenholz – Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies; Rachel Goldwyn – Independent; Rina M. Alluri – Independent; Sidonia Gabriel, Marieke Fröhlich – KOFF-swisspeace; Hesta Groenewald – Saferworld; Mark van Dorp, Karlijn Kuijpers – SOMO; Andrea Iff, Andreas Graf, Christian Scherer, Dominik Balthasar, Sabina Handschin – swisspeace; Eric Abitbol – Universalia and the Journal of Peacebuilding and Development; Matthew Scott – World Vision International.