Conflict Sensitivity & Public Health Emergencies Workbook

October, 2020 | Sabina Carlson Robillard

A set of practical tools are included in the main resource, Conflict Sensitivity & Public Health Emergencies (October 2020), as a starting point for answering the challenging questions raised when operating in a conflict setting. This Excel Workbook includes the same content as Annex 4, but in a format that allows practitioners to fill in their information, adapt the tools to specific planning or programming needs, and to recycle the charts and tables.

These worksheets are optional – you may use all, some, or none of them – and are designed as illustrative for easy adaptation to diverse operating contexts.

The worksheets are as follows:

  • Worksheet 1: Conflict Mapping
  • Worksheet 2: Gender Analysis of Conflict
  • Worksheet 3: Gender Analysis of Health Disparities & Vulnerabilities
  • Worksheet 4: Impacts of Conflict on Public Health
  • Worksheet 5: Impacts of Public Health on Conflict
  • Worksheet 6: Divider Analysis in a Public Health Context
  • Worksheet 7: Connector Analysis in a Public Health Context
  • Worksheet 8: Prioritizing Dividers & Connectors
  • Worksheet 9: Option Generation & Mitigation Strategies
  • Worksheet 10a: Mitigating Potential Negative Organizational Actions
  • Worksheet 10b: Checklist for Staff Behavior
  • Worksheet 11: Programmatic Impacts of Public Health Emergencies
  • Worksheet 12: Institutional Self-Analysis

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