Conflict Sensitivity in Food Security Programming

March 2016 | Nicole Goddard, Dr. Allison Poyac-Clarkin, and Dr. Carlisle Levine

Suggested Citation: Goddard, Nicole, Dr.Allison Poyac-Clarkin, and Dr. Carlisle Levine.  “Conflict Sensitivity in Food Security Programming.” USAID Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation (DCHA/CMM), 2016.


This technical brief was developed under DCHA/CMM’s Fragility and Conflict Technical Research Service (FACTRS, through the PEACE IQC task order AID-OAA-TO-14-00022) as part of a larger initiative to provide support to USAID’s Office for Food for Peace to strengthen the incorporation of conflict sensitivity into food security programming. The lead authors for this brief were Dr. Allison Poyac-Clarkin (MSI, Inc.), Dr. Carlisle Levine (CDA), and Nicole Goddard (CDA).