Business and Peace Boston Consultation Report 2016

January 2017 | Ben Miller

The Business and Peace project team (CDA, ACDS, and PRIO) convened a group of Boston-based subject matter experts in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Participants included staff of the project team, as well as academics, professional mediators, peacebuilding experts, and consultants on corporate social impacts. Several participants joined remotely. Participants were asked to read for discussion case material from Iraq and Cyprus, a paper addressing conceptual and policy issues emerging from the literature on business and peace, and a short note on the monitoring and evaluation of corporate social impacts and impacts on peace. Discussions focused on the cases, and the afternoon session focused on monitoring and evaluation of peace impacts, as well as issues relating to the framing of the concept of private sector peacebuilding in academic and policy circles.


Suggested Citation: Miller, Ben. (2017) “Business and Peace Boston Consultation Report.” The consultation took place in Boston, MA USA on December 13 2016, convened by CDA Collaborative Learning Projects (CDA), Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), an Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement, University of Stellenbosch (ACDS).

The Business and Peace Project

CDA Collaborative Learning Projects (CDA), Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), and Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement, University of Stellenbosch (ACDS) are jointly implementing a collaborative learning project that explores effective peacebuilding by private sector actors. The project is funded jointly by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and has as its overall goal to provide a more robust understanding of the constraints and opportunities for private sector contributions to peace. The project will also generate insights to shape policies and company initiatives that seek to contribute positively to peace. The project undertakes field-based case studies that examine the impacts of private sector actors in fragile and conflict-affected areas. The project will produce nine such case studies. Analysis of the cases, and of the preliminary findings, is taking place through a series of consultations with a broad range of subject matter and context experts. The Boston Consultation, convened at Harvard University, was the third such event.