Business and Peace: Exploring the peacebuilding potential of medium, small and micro enterprises

07/2021 | Caroline Kruckow and Sylvia Servaes

Practice Areas

The authors summarize the most important recommendations for using the peacebuilding potential of medium-sized, small and very small companies. The basis for this was a technical discussion with around 30 experts.

Economic development is an important foundation for peace, however, economic development does not automatically lead to peace. Rather, it requires unconventional approaches from economic actors and cooperation with peacebuilding experts for this logic to work. This is one of the important findings of the joint CDA / International Alert / FriEnt publication “Business and Peace: It takes Two to Tango“.

In February this year, around thirty experts from international peace and development cooperation organizations were convened to specifically address the peacebuilding potential of medium-sized, small and micro-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Caroline Kruckow and Sylvia Servaes from FriEnt have summarized the most important recommendations in the form of a briefing in this publication.  In a follow-up event in March, a similar group dealt with the peacebuilding or peace-hindering activities of large, internationally operating companies. FriEnt will also publish the summary of the results shortly.