An Alternative to Formal Evaluation of Peacebuilding Program Quality Assessment

October, 2012 | Diana Chigas, Cordula Reimann, and Peter Woodrow

This Working Paper series is based upon findings regarding program review and evaluation processes from across CDA Collaborative Learning Projects (CDA) programs, all of which are concerned with issues of impact, results, assessment and learning, as well as mechanisms for obtaining feedback and being accountable for program effects.

This CDA Working Paper series aims to share reflections, lessons learned, and practical support for practitioners who are undertaking their own program reviews and evaluations.

Drawing on the findings of RPP regarding factors that contribute to effectiveness and impacts of peacebuilding, and on the experience of practitioners, this Working Paper offers an approach to reviewing program quality that addresses organizational needs for feedback, assessment and learning, short of a formal evaluation.

Program Quality Assessments focus on strengthening program design, in order to ensure that standards for peacebuilding programs are met regarding conflict analysis, program goals, program logic, theories of change, and M&E systems, among other things.


Suggested Citation: Chigas, Diana, Cordula Reimann, and Peter Woodrow. “An Alternative to Formal Evaluation of Peacebuilding Program Quality Assessment.” Cambridge, MA: CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, 2012.