CDA in the Media

USAID has set a 'bold' new A&A strategy. But can it implement it?

CDA President and Chief Collaboration Officer Ruth Rhoads Allen interviewed for Devex

Violencias urbanas, crimen organizado y sector privado en Colombia

CDA senior associate Ben Miller presented a case study of Medellín as part of a panel on Urban Violence, Organized Crime, and the Private Sector in Bogotá, Colombia

What Transformation Takes: Evidence of Responsible INGO Transitions to Locally Led Development Around the World

On Bond’s list of 13 must-read books on international development, from the Stopping As Success consortium

Does Anti-Corruption Do No Harm?

CDA’s foundational concepts of Do No Harm and Conflict Sensitivity are referenced in this article from Besa Global’s Corruption, Justice and Legitimacy Program

51 Think Tanks and Thought Leaders in Global Peacebuilding

CDA is included in Everyday Peacebuilding’s list of organizations that conduct research and publish regular content on peacebuilding.

Companies, Advocates, & Climate Justice

CDA President and Chief Collaboration Officer Ruth Rhoads Allen spoke on a panel at the Future500 Corporate Impact Summit in Dallas, Texas

"Development in Practice" Special Issue

Featuring reflections from CDA’s founder Mary B. Anderson and analysis from Siad Darwish, Ruth Rhoads Allen, and Maureen Moriarty on conflict-sensitive environmental peacebuilding