The Corporate Engagement Program

Project Overview

CDA’s Corporate Engagement Program (CEP) was established in 2000 to promote the development of positive, constructive relationships between companies and the local communities where corporate operations take place, with particular attention to conflict contexts. The program worked with individual companies, multilateral institutions, industry associations, and civil society to advance best practices in the areas of corporate social responsibility and conflict sensitive approaches to community engagement and social investment.

During its first nine years, the program performed a series of 40 field assessments with a wide range of companies, mostly in the extractives sector (oil, gas and mining).

The lessons derived from those cases are presented in Getting It Right: Making Corporate-Community Relations Work.  Many of the field assessments captured the experiences of companies in challenging operating environments like Nigeria, Colombia, Sudan and Myanmar. After the book’s publication, CEP continued to implement and test its lessons through field visits and consultations in relation to extractive company locations around the world.  While CEP’s focus has been on extractive industries, the tools, frameworks and guidance from the program are immediately applicable to companies from a broad range of industries that operate in complex environments and conflict zones around the world.