Collaborative Learning


When it comes to generating the evidence about what transforms conflict and fragility, how matters. 

Collaborative Learning at CDA creates practical resources to address the complex challenges of working in and on fragility and conflict by engaging diverse practitioners in an inclusive, iterative process of research.

Learning with puts people at the center of systems change. CDA believes that positive systems change happens when the people closest to complex challenges are central to defining, understanding, and transforming those challenges. Learning together, designing and redesigning, generates more effective, accountable, and practical outcomes.

Simple questions help tackle complex challenges. People living and working amidst conflict and fragility have questions. Many are bigger than any one institution, sector, or country. CDA’s role is to listen for the essential questions – across humanitarian, peacebuilding, corporate and other development actors – that, if engaged, have the potential for practical impact on real people’s lives as well as wider systems. 

CDA Collaborative Learning Methodology

Current and Emerging Collaborative Learning Projects

Stopping As Success: Transitioning to locally led development

In peacebuilding and development partnerships, what enables responsible INGO transitions that makes way for increased local leadership and ownership?

Environment-Fragility-Peace Nexus

In contexts facing the dual threats of climate hazards and conflict, how can aid actors and peacebuilders address environmental change and conflict together?

Collaborative Learning Methodology

Over 25 years, CDA has honed the Collaborative Learning approach: listening for the vexing questions of practitioners across peacebuilding, development, and humanitarian spaces; examining those questions through a large sample of global case studies; and engaging practitioners along with policy makers and academic researchers in analysis, leading to the formation of frameworks and insights that change systems. 

CDA Collaborative Learning Methodology

Past Collaborative Learning Projects

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