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CDA engages complex questions that unlock positive, systemic change wherever communities experience fragility and conflict. Sitting at the intersection of applied research, global policy, and local practice, we partner with humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding practitioners to develop practical resources and policy guidance for lasting change.

CDA's current projects and partnerships stand on the shoulders of our foundational research and 30 years of collaborative learning.

Do No HarmReflecting on Peace Practice

Flagship Collaborative Learning Projects

In peacebuilding and development partnerships, what enables responsible INGO transitions that make way for increased local leadership and ownership?

In contexts facing the dual threats of climate hazards and conflict, how can aid actors and peacebuilders address environmental change and conflict together?

What risk management policies and practices help – or hinder – teams and organizations to deliver humanitarian aid to people in need?

Climate Change and Conflict in Ghana

Climate Change and Conflict in Ghana

This report explores growing concerns surrounding climate change and conflict in Ghana. However, if sufficiently supported, Ghana exhibits resiliency factors that may be critical to the country’s long-term stability.

Across the humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding nexus, how we work is just as important as what we do.

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Is The Aid Sector Tèt Anba?

Is The Aid Sector Tèt Anba?

In Haitian Creole, tèt anba means upside down or absurd. We say “bagay saa yo tèt anba” – things are upside down – when we want to describe a chaotic situation or just the state of the world gone wrong.  Is the aid sector tèt anba? Is...

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