Aid Effectiveness and Accountability

CDA's Listening Program (LP) exists to support local people in driving their own development. By listening to nearly 6,000 people in over 20 countries who have received, participated in or observed international assistance, the Listening Project gathered evidence on the cumulative effects of aid efforts and ideas how to make international aid more effective.  Since Time to Listen: Hearing People on the Receiving End of International Aid which summarizes this evidence  was published in December 2012, the Listening Program has shared the experiences and feedback from local people on how to more meaningfully engage them in aid efforts with a wide range of policy-makers and practitioners.

LP works with donors, operational aid agencies and others to more effectively listen to and engage with local people, organizations, and governments. If aid providers and recipients together discuss and analyze the local challenges and capacities, determine the options and strategies for addressing them, and evaluate the impacts and effects based on locally defined measures of success, local people say international aid efforts will be more effective.  We want to change the way international aid is provided and the roles of outsiders as “suppliers” to “collaborators”—and to capture the lessons from those change processes to inform the work of others.

The Listening Program is also gathering lessons on the use of feedback from beneficiaries and other ways that donors and aid agencies are listening to local voices and working to give them more choices about the assistance coming to their communities. The Listening Program is working in partnership with ALNAP and DFID to gather evidence on the use and effectiveness of feedback systems in a range of programs and contexts. Share what your organization is doing and the challenges you face in listening to and collaborating with local people on our blog. Ongoing initatives include:

- Effectively utilizing feedback from local partners and populations in decision-making and program modification

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